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Why Choose Traci Vincent Physical Therapy and Wellness?

Traci Vincent Physical Therapy and Wellness, Inc. is not your typical physical therapy clinic.  I am a fee for service practitioner and only treat one patient at a time, with each session lasting for one hour.  I do not use assistants so that I can rush off to treat other clients like many other facilities.  I focus on you and your goals for the entire treatment.  Perhaps you have been to many healthcare providers, frustrated by your pain, lack of progress and restrictions that your injury is having on your life.  I am ready to listen, assess, and partner with you in your recovery.

On your initial visit, you will be evaluated to determine the root of the problem you are experiencing.  This data, along with your medical history, will be used to develop a customized personal treatment plan.  You will be instructed in proper body mechanics, nutrition, stress reduction and be provided an at home exercise program. It is important to remember that you are an active part of your recovery.

My treatment modalities include manual therapy, joint mobilization, therapeutic stretching, functional strengthening, core stabilization training and yoga poses to enhance your healing.  I also provide wellness programs that include nutrition education and weight-loss coaching using the Arbonne lifestyle plan, fitness training, and yoga sessions.


Newport Beach, CA

Appointments also available in Riverside in the Canyon Crest area.

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What to Expect

When most people think of physical therapy, they think of a busy clinic with lots of patients, multiple exercise machines, high tech electrical stimulation, and ultrasound equipment.  At Traci Vincent Physical Therapy and Wellness, you enter a peaceful setting where you will receive undivided attention.  Inside you will find a treatment table, a few pieces of dynamic exercise equipment, and my diagnostic and therapeutic skills.  All of my patients are seen and evaluated in a holistic approach since every part of the body is interconnected with all other areas of the body in surprising ways.  This underlying connection is often the true source of pain and dysfuntion.

While the area of pain may also be the source of pain, it is not uncommon to find that it actually lies elsewhere in the body.  For example, low back pain can actually be a result of the ankle, knee or hip not moving correctly.  Perhaps a previous injury or surgery has left an area less mobile or weak and these changes have resulted in compensations that caused an injury elsewhere.

On your initial visit, an evaluation will be performed and relevant information gathered.  You will receive as much treatment as possible to start the process of reducing your symptoms and improving your function that day.  You will also be given activities to do at home to supplement the process of improvement.

With hands-on techniques, specific functional training and the fact that I spend one hour with you one-on-one, the time it takes to resolve pain and injury is usually much less than at other clinics.

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