Fasting After Feasting

Food is a gift from God, yet most of us fail to realize that eating is actually a type of spiritual act or experience. Many of us live in a near continual state of satiety and this has created a false sense of contentment and indulgent habit patterns that spread into other parts of our lives. Because we don’t say no to foods we know are not healthy for us, this habit trickles into other areas of life where we don’t say that at work or in relationships.  Our boundaries begin to blur and we end up in situations that don’t honor ourselves or our commitment to our goals and aspirations.

The act of fasting is not about punishing our bodies, but rather to set us free from our attachments. When your body is hungry, you begin to let go and discover new ways to connect with God or the universe, new levels of strength and fortitude that maybe you didn’t realize were inside you, and new insight toward old behaviors like anger, criticism/judgement, jealousy or other tempting bad habits.

Tips for Fasting:

  • Everyone is capable of fasting to some extent. If you are not capable of omitting all foods due to pregnancy, nursing, being elderly or being a young child, try restricting certain foods, perhaps meat or dairy. If food is not an option for you due to health issues, maybe fast from television, internet usage, or something that typically takes up time in your daily schedule.
  • Choose a meal, a day, or a week during the year and stick with it. Come up with a plan and execute it.  Stay positive and upbeat and avoid the tendency to grumble and draw attention to yourself and your sacrifice.
  • Stay focused. Stay humble and focus on what you are discovering inside your heart, your mind and your body.  This is your spiritual journey, not someone else’s.
  • Meditate and Serve more. When you are eating less, you will have more time to pray and meditate and also to serve others and impact their lives. You will have more energy to give out to the universe.
  • Explore juicing with vegetables. Recharge and heal your body with the powerful micro-nutrients found in vegetables.  Juicing is a great way to give your digestive tract a break , detox your body and still nourish your cells in an incredible way. An interesting documentary on this is the Joe Cross film: Fat,Sick, and Nearly Dead.

Fasting is a fight FOR your body, not against it. It is a powerful tool to re-balance your mind, your body and your spirit.  If one of your resolutions is to improve your health and wellness this year, I hope you will consider the benefits that implementing fasting into your life can have.

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