Pain Free While Working at Your Laptop

using laptopWith today’s technology, it seems like more and more of us find ourselves working on a laptop or tablet while seated at a desk for long hours, or for you trendy-types, perhaps at your local coffee place or even from your sofa. As your work stations become less predictable or adaptable to your specific body, how do you keep yourself from falling victim to those nagging aches and pains in the neck, shoulder and back that are all too common when using a laptop or tablet?

Here are a few important tips to remember…

1. Use a wireless keyboard and set your laptop on a 3 inch binder or stack of books to get the height of the screen up to a more appropriate eye level. Most people tend to let their head and neck gravitate forward when using a laptop or tablet since the screen is well below eye level.

2. Take short pauses and breaks every 30 minutes to look at something in the distance to give your eyes a rest. Get up and walk around briefly. Change tasks momentarily.

3. Sit at the edge of the seat, clasp palms together behind your back and expand your chest up and open; breathing deeply. If you are unable to clasp your palms, reach for the back of the chair and hold for 30 seconds.

4. Rotate your upper body to the side clasping the chair that you are sitting in. Hold 30 seconds and breathe deeply. Maker sure weight stays distributed equally in your buttocks. Repeat on the other side. This wrings out toxins and stale energy in the internal organs in addition to unwinding tightness in the neck and back. Notice the increase in circulation following this stretch.

5. Be mindful that your ears, shoulders, and hips are aligned vertically. Keeping an upright posture allows you to breathe easier and is less fatiguing to the postural muscles of the spine. Remember, oxygen is the gas that fuels your cells. The more fresh oxygen you consistently supply your body with, the better. You will feel less fatigued also.

Even though these reminders may sound familiar, each of us need to hear these things repeatedly. Our bodies are amazing and are able to reach improved work output performance when using a laptop merely by using simple adjustments and movements.

Well, I need to go follow my own advice…time for me to do some stretches and walk around. Peace and joy to you!




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