Kicking That Knee Pain

Sometimes knee pain can happen as a result of impact trauma, but often it seems to occur simply after routine activities and workouts for no significantt reason. You might even notice swelling, tenderness, pain and difficulty with balancing or stabilizing on that leg.  Many people begin to focus on the thought that something is wrong […]


Yoga Wellness

In most cities, yoga classes and yoga studios are something you see almost daily. Forty years ago, people who practiced yoga were typically outside the mainstream. Today, things have certainly changed and yoga is no longer in the fringes, but rather a valuable tool in the pursuit of wellness. What is it about yoga that […]


3 Basics for Core Stabilization

Core stabilization is an important concept to understand when thinking about your health and fitness routine. Quite frequently, people assume that “working the core” means doing more sit-ups for abdominal strengthening. This is actually not the case at all. By only emphasizing the rectus abdominus and hip flexors, you are actually causing a destabilization or […]


Pain Relief Now

I recently began studying the work of Pete Egoscue on chronic pain. This is important subject matter for me and my work as a physical therapist and yoga instructor, as I am always on the lookout for new ways of addressing this age-old problem. In his book Pain Free, he reviews common symptoms of many […]