Mind Body Connection

For more than 20 years I have been working with people and their various physical injuries, assisting them in physical rehabilitation. Over the years, by spending a few hours a week with these people, I began to observe fascinating patterns and connections between the mind and the body. I also, began an in depth study […]


Young at Heart and Mind

We often hear much talk on aging, or rather anti-aging, especially in more recent years. If you look at billboards, TV or magazines, you see the pressure to stay young and fit is everywhere. Many people are enticed to have surgery to fix their weight problems and wrinkles by a barrage of marketing advertisements that […]


Begin Again

Something I’ve seen myself and thousands of other people struggle with over the years is this strange addiction to self-sabotage just when things start to go well whether that is in business, relationships or health. Take weight loss for example. The number one new year’s resolution is to lose weight. Go to any gym right […]


When You Don’t Have The Why

Everyday you face decisions and choices. It could be as simple as what to eat for breakfast to what you should say to your client if your product did not meet expectations, all the way to who you should or shouldn’t choose to marry and many, many other decisions in between. To make good decisions […]


Easy to Remember Tips to Weight Loss

Ask most people what their new year’s resolutions were this year and the majority will tell you they wanted to lose weight. So what works and doesn’t work and why? When people want to lose weight, many start skipping meals and/or severely restricting their calorie intake. This can lead to a temporary loss of body […]